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  • The Bombay Ophthalmologists Association was formed on 11th April 1966.
  • The first president was Dr. D. G. Mody and the Vice President was Dr. A. M. Gokhale
  • Dr. R. H. Muljinai was the first Secretary of the association.


  • Encouraging scientific research and experimental work on ophthalmic problems.
  • Holding scientific demonstrations’ and discussions.
  • Establishing and maintaining scientific libraries.
  • Watching and advising on legislation affecting ophthalmologists.
  • Conducting a journal on ophthalmic subjects.
  • Bringing the association members together periodically.
  • Holding moveable or immoveable properties for the association.
With these objectives in mind, the Bombay Ophthalmologists Association has progressed over the years, under the guidance of well-chosen and exemplary leaders from the fraternity.
Today the association completes 50 years, and the BOA conference completes its silver jubilee.
This is a mailing list meant for internal communications amongst members of the Bombay Ophthalmologists' Association.
Only members may send mails to the above address and the mail they send will automatically be received by all the members of the BOA who are on this list.
Members of the BOA who wish to subscribe to this list may send a mail to Dr. Nikhil Gokhale at asking to be put on the mail list. (Please also send the email address that you will be sending mails from. Please note that you may send mails to the BOA mail list only from the address that you have notified. Mails from any other email address will bounce back to you.).